Picket Fence Suppliers

There is a reason that the Picket fence became synonymous with the “South African” Dream, it is the perfect complement to almost any home.

With our wooden fences, you can separate areas on your property, whether for your vegetable garden or to keep that boisterous pet safe.

We can customise our wooden picket fences to almost any height and strength and colour finish you require.

A wooden picket fence will blend in to almost all properties and gardens, so is a great option for use when protecting garden features such as ponds or swimming pools without blocking views or being too intimidating.

Available with either pointed or rounded tops.

Wooden picket fencing whether closed or spaced is an incredibly popular affordable style of fence run.

If you are looking for a versatile fence that does not detract from the look of your outdoor area, choosing a Wooden Fencing will stand you in good stead and be a quick and easy way of getting that natural “green” look.

Wooden gates made to match also available

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